Frequently Asked Questions

Just visit our website https://www.Uplefpay.com/ and click “Talk to us” button and start filling out the requested fields with your company details and contact information. Seconds later, you will be redirected to our dashboard, ready to start the integration. 

Merchants are requested to follow the steps below to complete the onboarding process: 

  • Enter Contact and Business details 
  • Login and set the password 
  • Verify bank details 
  • Upload KYC details
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions 
  • Wait for email/SMS notification of successful onboarding/registration 

Uplefpay India, will always ensure that your privacy is protected and secured. It’s in our name to be safe. We provide:

  • PCI DSS 3.2.1
  • AES & TLS Encryption
  • ISO 27001-2013 Certified
  • Card Tokenization

Have questions about the documents required for accepting payments with Uplefpay payment gateway? Here’s a documents checklist that you should keep ready according to your business filing status.

  1. Club / Societies / Association
  • Proof of Identity: - Copy of PAN card of Club & Association. Duly attested as "True Copy" by authorized signatory with club/association Stamp. 
  • Individual Address Proof: - Copy of Driving license or Aadhaar card or Passport or Voter id (All committee members), duly attested as "True Copy" by authorized signatory with society /club or association Stamp. 
  • Address proof of Club / Societies - Registration certificate, 80 G Certificate issued under Income Tax Act Duly attested as "True Copy" by club / Society / Association Stamp and authorize signatories. 
  • A Cancelled Cheque for Nodal Bank registration, account in which you will receive daily Settlement amount. 
  • General body resolution for the appointment of office bearers, List of member/ authorized signatory certified. 
  • In the Merchant Agreement, all the pages are duly signed and stamped by the merchant.
  • Copy of Bye-Laws Copy of Society Deed / Government Certificate. 

There are various Payment Cycles that can be configured as per the merchant’s requirements.

  • T+1 day 
  • T+2 day
  • T+3 day (T refers to the day of the transaction itself)

Uplefpay is available for merchants in India, UAE, Singapore. In legal terms, you have to be domiciled in a supported country/region. We are working hard to bring Uplefpay to other countries/regions as well. If you would like to be notified when Uplefpay will be available in your country/region, tap on “talk to us”.